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Your new exterior door is an important decision. Doors are more than a secured entrance, they
welcome family, and friends, while adding curb appeal to your home. Here at Neelys Metal Roofing, we understand the importance of providing you with doors built to last. Our doors are built with quality and lasting value to protect your home, so you can continue creating memories and spend time enjoying life. We do all types of doors, ranging from our Cambridge Smooth Steel, all the way to Timberline Textured fiberglass, and so much more! Each door has over 45 different paint colors. Get a free quote today!

Stone Siding

Our product’s patented and intuitive installation & flashing system provides a safe and professional finish trusted by the pros. Our product provides the attractive look of real stone at a fraction of the cost. It starts with our 8″ aluminum flashing, securely cast into each flat stone. This creates a “shingle” effect on your wall and won’t allow water penetration. Our unique corner system seamlessly works through inside/outside corners. Using the same stone for both saves time, and money and provides a foolproof water barrier. Finally, the system is capped off with our 3′ sill pieces. The fastening hem is tucked underneath existing siding or counter-flashed against masonry.


Our windows are maintenance and worry-free, They will not need to be painted, resealed, or maintained in any way. Our Mountain View window offers an airtight interlocking seal system that keeps you comfortable regardless of where you sit. Our product saves you energy with ease, with modern technology such as Low-E and Aragon gas our windows offer a superior U-Factor of.29 (Double hung windows) This means our window not only meets and beats the criteria for Energy star qualifications but beats out all of the competition that barely meets the criteria. Not only that our windows can recoup up to 71% of your investment in vinyl windows when you go to sell your home.

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